Science explains that you're probably drinking coffee at the wrong time

So many of us wake up in the morning and immediately seek out coffee like the brown water addicted fools we are. ASAP Science, however, explains that that is completely the wrong way to do it. We’re not maximizing the caffeine or our body’s natural energy, instead, the right way to drink coffee is to wait. »5/26/15 12:38pm5/26/15 12:38pm

Science explains why babies are so darn cute

What makes adult sized humans go gaga and coo coo and ooh ooh when they see a little baby? Their adorable cuteness! But are babies really that cute to make people forget how to speak? They are! And it's scientifically proven. ASAP Science says we love round faces, big eyes, protruding cheeks, big forehead and a round… »4/16/14 11:27pm4/16/14 11:27pm

The Reason We Yawn Might Actually Be To Cool Down Our Brains

Just like the CPU in your computer, the human brain has an optimal temperature where it runs best. But unlike a computer's CPU, there's no built-in fan to chill the brain when it starts to run hot. Which is why researchers now believe that yawning is actually the body's physiological way of keeping the brain nice and… »3/12/14 4:20pm3/12/14 4:20pm

9 facts about the Olympics that you probably don't know

The Olympics are coming! The Olympics are coming! And even if it's only the Winter Olympics, it's still fun to see countries who know nothing about each other put on colorful spandex to beat each other up for medals. But did you know that the gold medal is actually made from silver? Or that the bronze medal is only… »2/03/14 9:19pm2/03/14 9:19pm

Snuggle Up To a Cozy Yule Log and the Science of Fire This Evening

Those few precious days off you have during the holidays are best spent taxing your brain as little as possible. But who says you can't learn something even when away from work or school? If you're lacking a fireplace to curl up next to, this wonderful video from AsapSCIENCE will keep you cozy while educating you on… »12/25/13 4:00pm12/25/13 4:00pm

Could Humanity Possibly Survive the Sun's Explosive Death?

Despite the Mayan Calendar's and the People's Temple's best efforts, we've managed to avoid any sort of Apocalypse and/or End Times thus far. But don't let your guard down just yet, because we know for a fact that, one day, that warm, life-giving center of the solar system will turn its back on us and blow up, taking… »10/08/13 1:20pm10/08/13 1:20pm

Would Never Going Outside Really Be That Bad For Us? Sadly, Yes

When you think about all the forms of indoor entertainment available to us—the internet, cable TV, video games—it's no surprise that the outdoors is having a hard time competing for our attention. But it turns out that a little exposure to the sun is not just beneficial, it's actually vital to our health. »8/28/13 12:45pm8/28/13 12:45pm

Watch Bill Nye Explain How We Could Stop an Asteroid with Laser Bees

Because Bill Nye explains the world better than even experiencing it yourself, here's our childhood maestro of science explaining how we could possibly stop an asteroid from destroying Earth. Giant bombs, huge rockets and even freaking lasers probably can't stop it. And even if they could stop it, we might not be… »7/23/13 9:30pm7/23/13 9:30pm