How Dangerous Is Natural Asbestos When It's Blowing in the Wind? 

Most of us, when we think of asbestos, think of the insulation in old buildings up for demolition. But asbestos fibers are naturally occurring minerals, and their natural habitats are deposits that meander all over the U.S., concentrated especially in the West. When wind blows asbestos off the hills, exactly how… »2/11/15 2:00pm2/11/15 2:00pm


Asbestos-Detecting Lasers: Finally a Weapon For the Good Guys

Graphene might be the latest and greatest hero of the scientific community, but lasers are still awesome and have a new trick up their sleeves to prove it. Researchers at the University of Hertfordshire in the United Kingdom have developed a device that can detect the presence of airborne asbestos particles—a… »6/05/13 3:22pm6/05/13 3:22pm