AshleyMadison Confirms Hack, Purges Leaked Info From Internet

AshleyMadison, noted online home of serial adulterers, has confirmed that yes, someone did rummage through its 37 million-strong blackmail database. But the company also denies that it was swindling customers over the ‘paid-delete’ option, and has managed to take down any information leaked thus far. » 7/20/15 9:43pm 7/20/15 9:43pm

Hackers Threaten to Expose 37 Million Cheating AshleyMadison Users

AshleyMadison—tagline “Life Is Short. Have An Affair”—is an online site that facilitates cheating among its 37 million users. It’s a service founded on confidentiality and privacy, which now seems to have all of its data in the hands of hackers. They’re demanding the company take down the site, or they’re going to out… » 7/20/15 1:24am 7/20/15 1:24am

Why Are Facebook and Google Are Trying to Stop Online Adultery?

AshleyMadison.com, the largest online "dating" site made for adulterers, has their advertising actively blocked by Facebook, Google and Microsoft. They're not letting the site buy keywords and ads, even though they let competing sites do so. What's weirder, Facebook even blocked the URL for ashleymadison.com in… » 2/24/11 11:16am 2/24/11 11:16am