Lenovo i921 Smartphone

In their latest venture into the smartphone world, Lenovo's latest addition is the i921 smartphone. Akihabara is reporting that this phone will possibly run Windows Mobile 5. It also operates on the GSM network and includes a QVGA screen, Bluetooth, 2-megapixel camera and MiniSD expansion. Unfortunately Lenovo's… » 4/10/06 4:43pm 4/10/06 4:43pm

Samsung SCH B340: Slim and Sassy

It's not every day that you see an ultra-slim phone with a built-in DMB receiver, and it's even rarer to find one with "Artificial Intelligence" which, I believe, translates poorly out of Korean. Apparently "AI" means that the phone can vibrate along with MP3 music. Damn. And here we are trying neural networks and… » 2/22/06 1:44pm 2/22/06 1:44pm

Reversing Atomic Wall Clock

This is a very cool clock from the depths of Asia. This Citizen wall clock has three distinct modes. It can run as a normal 12-hour clock, a 24-hour military time clock, and a backwards-running 12-hour clock for telling the time in the mirror. As it is an atomic clock, it's set by signals from various observatories… » 2/06/06 1:50pm 2/06/06 1:50pm

Lenovo Jumping Into the Smart Phone Market

We have some juicy details emerging about the Lenovo's recent foray into the PocketPC Smartphone market. This is the ET980 phone that will be available around March of 2006. The phone will run on Windows Mobile 5.0, have a 312MHz processor, 64MB of RAM, miniSD expansion and even sport a 4-megapixel camera. Appears to… » 12/27/05 3:47pm 12/27/05 3:47pm

Gigabyte g-Smart Windows Smartphone Drops

Know what I like about the g-Smart Windows Mobile Smartphone? It has an FM tuner (old school) and a TV (future-iffic!) built-in. The jet black design packs 802.11b WiFi, a QVGA 65k color screen, 2.1MP camera with video recording, and a miniSD slot for additional storage. It can also do push e-mail like a Blackberry.… » 12/21/05 11:18am 12/21/05 11:18am

TI Makes High Speed Mobi Phone Chips For Asia

It's great to hear that Texas Instruments is making a high-speed wireless chip, but it's a big downer to hear that it's mainly for Asian markets. Of course, I guess if we actually had technology they could put the things into, it would help, but still, this is a Texas-based company, for god's sake! The chip is based… » 11/29/05 10:40am 11/29/05 10:40am

NSFW Chair

Luis sent us this video. It's a chair that is entirely too complex for its stated purpose. I mean, it looks like you can read a Manga comic and bone your lady wife at the same time with this thing without even breaking a sweat. Click on for some NSFW action and some really funny voice-over work. » 11/28/05 5:00pm 11/28/05 5:00pm

Manoi, Japanese Athlete Humanoid

Manoi sounds like one of Godzilla's foes, but is actually a 1/5 scale athlete humanoid that looks like a character from a 1960s cartoon. The company behind this specializes in RC cars, and this is an extension of that business. The idea is that you (if you're Japanese) will buy a Manoi and enter it into tournaments… » 11/08/05 11:59am 11/08/05 11:59am

Samsung Drops Fashion Phones

You can always count on Samsung to have a crazed-looking model holding up the latest in high technology. These phones, SPH-S3900 and SPH-S3950, are sliders with 1.3-megapixel digital cameras, dictionary, and mobile printing ability (?? I think it's just Bluetooth) come in several frosty colors and are aimed at the… » 9/16/05 12:55pm 9/16/05 12:55pm

Bluetooth Router (Too good to be true)

There I go again, judging a book by its cover. I see a name like Bluetooth router and I practically wet myself getting excited. Now while this gadget is cool, it isn t that cool. This is a Bluetooth cell/telephone router. A Bluetooth enabled cell phone links up to this device wirelessly and then the calls are routed… » 9/08/05 1:23pm 9/08/05 1:23pm

Equalizer Wristwatch

The Cutting Edge Technology out of Tokyo is releasing the High Frequency Equalizer wristwatch. The manufacturers have really high expectations for this watch. They are claiming that people are going to go bananas over this and Tokyo Flash is going to limit sales to two per person. I don't want to be the bearer of bad… » 9/04/05 2:17pm 9/04/05 2:17pm

Rakuten's Online Luxury Market

Online marketplace, Rakuten, has placed 24 products on their online shopping site targeted for the super-rich. The products are aimed towards individuals whose assets are worth over seven figures. Some of the products include a gem-encrusted Patek Phillipe watch worth $1.2 million, $100,000 dollar bonsai trees and… » 9/01/05 8:02am 9/01/05 8:02am

Pantech PG-8000: It's a Phone Disguised as a Camera

We mentioned the Pantech PG-8000 a few months ago when it debuted at a Russian trade show. Well now it has launched in Korea. A refresher: if you thought the Nokia N90 looked freakishly like a camera, you haven't seen anything yet. The Pantech PG-8000 looks almost exactly like a compact digicam, save for a small… » 8/31/05 6:23pm 8/31/05 6:23pm

Samsung SV-L77DMB: Portable DMB-capable DVD player

More Samsung goodness. This time, it's the Samsung SV-L77DMB, a portable DVD player that's capable of playing DMB as well as these other formats: DVD, DiVx, VCD, CD, CD-R, CD-RW, JPEG, MP3, and WMA. It has a 7-inch TFT screen that has a 16:9 aspect ratio, TV out, auto preset tuning for DMB, bookmark functionality, and… » 8/29/05 1:42pm 8/29/05 1:42pm

Slimmer Than Your Average Phone - Pantech PG-1400

Pantech's latest slim phone offering is sure to convert the most ardent clamshell lovers. Each phone comes standard with a VGA camera, FM radio, MP3 ring tones and even a "speakerphone" function which blows most cell phones out of the running. Now you can drive and chat comfortably without having to worry about… » 8/24/05 1:37pm 8/24/05 1:37pm

The Herbie-phone Looks as Good as Lohan

In another example of Asia kind of getting too excited about crappy movies, we introduce to you the Herbie: Fully Loaded phone. Yes, now you too can own the phone that may or may not be endorsed by Lindsay Lohan, that siren temptress in a Volkswagen. It's a pretty slick looking cellphone that comes with a "53" pouch,… » 8/23/05 11:30am 8/23/05 11:30am

Astone Stainless Steel MP3 Players

I'm just sitting here digging this triangular MP3 player. Look at that thing. You could sit on it and not even notice. Each one is made of stainless steel (!!) and has an OLED display. But you really have to wonder what the Astone people are thinking. "Bob! We've got to get these shitty flash players out the door for… » 8/19/05 2:52pm 8/19/05 2:52pm

Asus J103 - The Bewitched Phone

As if Will Ferrell didn't have enough trouble, what with the sex tape and all, he's got to worry about the rest of the world promoting, seeing, and being disappointed by Bewitched. For example, we find the Asus J103, a phone featuring a beguiling cartoon Samantha propped on a broomstick. But who knows? Maybe Bewitched… » 8/19/05 1:52pm 8/19/05 1:52pm

Dmobo M900 Mickey Mouse Phone

No, your eyes do not deceive you. This Mickey Mouse phone really is a true blue Disney phone; everything from its control pad to the external clamshell is adorned with that familiar form of Mickey's head. Even the software interface is riddled with Disney themes. It looks like it has a camera, tri-band GSM, and that… » 8/18/05 7:00pm 8/18/05 7:00pm