A pho burger looks way more delicious than a ramen burger

The good people at Foodbeast created a new frankenfood that tops the ramen burger in my eyes (and more importantly to my tastebuds): the pho burger. Made with deep fried rice noodle buns, Vietnamese style cole slaw and a juicy patty, it looks like a fantastic combination of the ingredients of Pho but in burger form. » 2/19/15 9:36pm 2/19/15 9:36pm

Jason Chen, Asian to the Max, Gets Interviewed

We usually like to give props when one of our own goes out of the fenced-in Gizmodo area for an interview with another news source. For example, Charlie has been interviewed by everyone and their dog. And today is Jason Chen's lucky day. The automobile blog, Jalopnik has decided to interview him. No, it isn't for his… » 1/22/07 4:45pm 1/22/07 4:45pm