Honda's Asimo Robot Gets a Little Bit Better, a Whole Lot Creepier

It's been almost 15 years since Honda first introduced Asimo, the company's attempt to create a humanoid robot that can walk and perform other human-like tasks. But Asimo's most recent upgrade introduces something unsettling: a pair of dead black eyes and a permanent smirk that leaves the bot looking more like an… »7/16/14 9:02am7/16/14 9:02am


Honda's Groin-Threatening Robo-Legs Demonstrated On Video

Why Honda took a few days to seed a video of their potentially emasculating robotic legs »11/10/08 6:18am11/10/08 6:18am is beyond me, but here it is: a faceless man running the "Walking Assist Device" through its strides (ha, ha). My fears of testicular danger are only partially mitigated, and the fact that the legs have a hilariously feminine gait…

Honda Robo-Legs Help Mobility at the Expense of Fertility

Honda's first foray »11/07/08 7:11am11/07/08 7:11am into robotizing old peoples' haunches looked pretty tame, but this new one, on which geriatrics are supposed to mount like some sort of meat trophy, feels like a glimpse into a horrible, dystopian future where up is down, right is wrong and grandmas and grandpas amble through Sears on mechanized…