How Talking To Your Computer Can Improve Your Social Skills

People with a fear of social situations are often labeled as loners and ostracized, but in reality social phobias are incredibly common. For example, how many of us get anxious about speaking in front of a large crowd? And to help people over come these fears, researchers at MIT have developed an interactive program »6/14/13 9:48am6/14/13 9:48am


Tech Start-Up Exclusively Hires People with Asperger's Syndrome for Their Technological Prowess

Aspiritech, a Chicago-based tech start up, is a software testing firm that exclusively hires people with Asperger's syndrome. Why? Because apparently, people suffering from Asperger's make for the perfect software tester. And this isn't even news! Studies have shown people with Asperger's thriving in tech fields… »2/24/11 10:40am2/24/11 10:40am