12-Inch Aspire One to Feature Full Sized Keyboard, Long Battery

Acer is planning the release of an 11.6-inch Aspire One. It's a lot like the 10-inch version, but it will feature the Atom Z530 processor (as opposed to the N270), which as my pea brain understands it, features identical clocks speed to the N270/280s but lower power consumption. The system also features a GMA500… » 3/23/09 8:20am 3/23/09 8:20am

10-inch Acer Aspire One Arriving Next Year

As of right now, the Aspire One » 11/25/08 8:20am 11/25/08 8:20am netbook includes an 8.9-inch screen. But Acer has announced plans to release a 10-inch version by either February or March 2009. Yes, that's right in time for everyone to have purchased the original Aspire One for the holidays. It's still unclear as to whether or not the upcoming model…