Guy Orders TV from Amazon, Gets Giant Assault Rifle Instead

Talk about a dealzmodo! DC resident Seth Horvitz bought a new HDTV on Amazon, but when he opened the peculiarly not-TV-shaped box, he found a $2,000 Sig Sauer SIG716 semi-automatic rifle instead, DCist reports. A mistake has been made. » 8/08/12 3:01pm 8/08/12 3:01pm

Delicious But Deadly

This print ad by Ogilvy & Mather for India positions Glaxo's Eno antacid as the pure white daisy in the muzzle of an assault rifle of tasty pain. The Dorito gunsight...damn. [Coloribus via Kottke] » 3/27/09 11:40am 3/27/09 11:40am

MIT Hackers Prank Harvard Statue With Master Chief Helmet, Assault Rifle

MIT's known for pranks, or hacks, against rival school Harvard (and sometimes even on their own campus). Their latest hack today enhances the John P. Harvard statue with a battle-ready Master Chief Spartan helmet and assault rifle (with a bullet count of 2E) in honor of Halo day. Other notable, and perhaps more… » 9/25/07 3:50pm 9/25/07 3:50pm