Ballet of bullets: Firing a fully automatic rifle in super slow motion

Peaceful isn't the right word, obviously. Quiet isn't exactly correct either. Cathartic may be closest. That's what it feels like to see a fully automatic assault rifle be fired in super slow motion. The bullets come one after the other in a relentless barrage but there's a certain amount of detachment to its power… » 2/18/14 8:20pm 2/18/14 8:20pm

Turn Your Assault Rifle into a Golfball Launcher

Do you own an AR-15, an M4 or an M16? Do you wish it could shoot golf balls instead of bullets? What do you mean "no?" Just listen to these testimonials for the Golfball Launcher, a $20 accessory that screws onto the end of your assault rifle in place of a muzzle break: » 2/09/11 7:20pm 2/09/11 7:20pm