Facebook-Taunting Criminal Caught

Remember Craig "Lazie" Lynch, the British criminal who escaped prison last September, and then spent months taunting the police via Facebook? The assclown has been caught by Scotland Yard. [Fox News] » 1/13/10 10:00am 1/13/10 10:00am

Criminal Escapes Prison, Taunts Police Via Facebook

Say hello to Craig Lynch. He'll give you the finger. The police has been hunting him since he escaped from prison last September, and now he's using Facebook to taunt them. He seems like a very charming man: » 12/23/09 1:15pm 12/23/09 1:15pm

Nexx X60 Helmet Lets You Wear Your Jeans On Your Head

If you're a motorcyclist who sometimes wears your underwear on your head, now you can wear a pair of jeans on top of that, and have your head protected from massive damage as well with these Nexx X60 Open Face motorcycle helmets. » 5/14/07 8:28am 5/14/07 8:28am