Digital Office Assistant Keeps You in Order, Won't Bare Cleavage

This Digital Office Assistant, a concept by Michael Kritzer, actually looks rather useful, and is designed with open plan offices in mind. The device sits on four wheels, houses a collapsable workspace, seating area, notebook slot, auxiliary power outlets, in-built external HDD and general storage compartments. » 4/05/08 5:00pm 4/05/08 5:00pm

Clippy R.I.P. - The World Wasn't Ready For You?

With recent tragedies surrounding our space an pornography programs, one major death has been passed over by the media. We are speaking of the late, not-necessarily-beloved Clippy who was brutally murdered out of Office 2007. Here is what Jensen Harris, Office Group Program Manager, had to say about the recent death. » 2/10/07 12:48pm 2/10/07 12:48pm