Full-Size Cardboard Aston Martin for Papier-Mâché Bonds

This Ashton Martin DB5 is a full-sized, almost-perfect reproduction of the original Bond car-down to the front-blinkers machine guns and Ben-Hurish wheels' blades-built using only cardboard and glue. It has no supporting structure, neither metal nor wood. Her Majesty's cardboard spy car was built by Chris Gilmour, who… »8/01/08 11:45pm8/01/08 11:45pm

Prince Charles' Modded Aston Martin Burns 4.5 Bottles of Wine Per Mile

Prince Charles has discovered the perfect use for crappy English wine: He is using it as biofuel for his classic Aston Martin DB6. The Prince converted the 38-year old car to accept ethanol to play his part in reducing carbon emissions in the UK. The wine in question is a white distilled from the excess stock of a… »7/01/08 10:05am7/01/08 10:05am