Garmin Announces a New, Improved Astro GPS Dog Collar

Garmin has just announced a successor to their original Astro GPS dog collar. With a new more rugged and flexible design, the Astro DC 30 can track your best friend for up to 30 hours at a time, depending on the variable update rate. And while it still needs to sync with the Astro pocketable base station unit, that… » 6/26/08 12:33pm 6/26/08 12:33pm

ASTRO Becomes First Robotic Satellite Repair Man

Now that they're poised to take over the planet, robots are turning to outer space thanks to the folks at DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects) who have just launched their first satellite repair bots into space. Dubbed ASTRO, the repair bots are designed to patch up other satellites without any human guidance,… » 3/12/07 3:15pm 3/12/07 3:15pm