Meet the people who would leave Earth and take a one-way trip to Mars

Mars One, the program that is planning to create a human settlement on Mars by 2024, has received over 200,000 applications of Earthlings who are interested in leaving their home planet forever by taking a one-way ticket to Mars. This short documentary examines a few of those people's motivation to leave everything… » 3/05/14 10:47pm 3/05/14 10:47pm

The best selfie ever is the one an astronaut takes from freaking space

Here's astronaut Mike Hopkins taking the selfie to end all selfies. It's over, you cant' beat it, give up, return your camera, become a horse jockey. Hopkins snapped a photo of himself in full astronaut suit outside of the ISS as he was spacewalking on Christmas Eve with the beautiful blue Earth in the background. And… » 12/27/13 5:11pm 12/27/13 5:11pm

Astronauts Arrive Home in a Brilliant Ball of Fire

Without any context, it looks like something has gone terribly, terribly wrong in the photo above taken around midnight last night. But that little ball engulfed in flames is doing just fine—and so are the three members of the International Space Station Expedition 36 that were snuggly inside and on their way home. » 9/11/13 1:20pm 9/11/13 1:20pm

The Perfect Description of One of the Most Important Moments of Your…

An exhausted astronaut searching for oxygen. A soldier bleeding to death crawling to complete his mission. A sailor sinking into the deep sea trying to reach the surface. That's the perfect description of one of the most important, head spinning moments of every human being's life. Watch this outstanding short film… » 1/30/13 10:00pm 1/30/13 10:00pm

The First Astronaut-Robot Handshake in Space

There's nothing like a good, firm handshake. Especially when it's with a robot, and you're in space. Yesterday, NASA's Robonaut completed its systems checks aboard the International Space Station — and celebrated with a handshake. » 2/16/12 4:59am 2/16/12 4:59am

Government Sues Apollo Astronaut For Allegedly Stealing a Lunar Camera

NASA officials learned last March that a British auction house had an item labeled "Movie Camera from the Lunar Surface" as part of their Space History Sale. The camera was described in the catalog as being one of two used aboard Apollo 14's lunar module, Antares, and had come directly from the collection of astronaut… » 7/01/11 5:20am 7/01/11 5:20am