This Newly-Discovered Class of Galaxies Shouldn't Exist

When you spot a galaxy in a telescope, you know it — galaxies are bright, dense collections of millions of stars, often in a spiral or orb shape, held tightly together by gravitational forces. But now scientists have discovered a new kind of galaxy, which they call “fluffy” and “wispy.” No one is sure how they’ve come… » 5/18/15 3:55pm 5/18/15 3:55pm

Simulation Shows Planets Could Be Forming Within This Dusty Disc

Late last year, astronomers using the ALMA telescope captured an unprecedented image of what appears to be a protoplanetary disc surrounding a young star. Some scientists were skeptical about the claim, but a new simulation run by Canadian astrophysicists is helping bolster its case. » 5/06/15 11:01pm 5/06/15 11:01pm

A Total Solar Eclipse Makes the Arctic Look Like an Alien World 

The solar eclipse in March has been photographed to death—from every which angle and even from space. But here’s a late contender for what may be the evocative photos of the eclipse yet: a glowing black dot over a barren snowscape, as captured by astronomers observing the sun’s magnetic field. » 5/05/15 12:50pm 5/05/15 12:50pm