The Heart of this Elliptical Galaxy Exposes a Ghost From Its Past

Unlike spiral galaxies, with their flat shape and twisted arms, elliptical galaxies are featureless blobs without much structure. But then there’s NGC 3610—an elliptical galaxy with a bright and distinctly disc-like shape at its center. Astronomers say it’s a blast from this galaxy’s past, one that played an important… »11/16/15 5:40pm11/16/15 5:40pm

This Newly-Discovered Dwarf Planet Is the Most Distant Object In Our Solar System

V774104: That’s the name of the new dwarf planet astronomers revealed this week, and it’s three times as far away from the sun as Pluto. It’s the most distant object ever discovered in our solar system—and it could mean there are even more far-flung planets in our corner of the universe just waiting to be discovered. »11/12/15 11:40am11/12/15 11:40am

Astronomers Spy Massive Galaxy Cluster 8.5 Billion Light Years From Earth

Peering into the distant reaches of space is like turning back time. The bright red orbs at the center of this image are galaxies, as they existed 8.5 billion years ago in a faraway corner of the universe. Together, they form a cluster that grew to mind-boggling proportions long before the birth of our Solar System. »11/03/15 4:45pm11/03/15 4:45pm