Select Asus Eees to Get Free Windows 7 Upgrades...Technically

The good news: two models of Asus Eee, the 1101HA and 1005HA, are eligible for free upgrades to Windows 7. The bad news: your 1101HA needs to be preloaded with Vista Home Premium and your 1005HA needs to be preloaded with Windows XP Pro or Vista Business. As Lilliputing so eloquently put it, "I didn't even know those… » 6/29/09 10:27am 6/29/09 10:27am

The 10-Hour Asus Eee: Big, Bad and Fugly

I'd thought that the 7800mAh battery for the MSI Wind was absurd, but one netbook fan got his hands on a $62 12000mAh battery for his Asus Eee. The result, pictured here, adds over half a pound to the machine's weight and an uncomfortable incline to typing on the system. But it should offer 8-10 hours of battery life,… » 11/17/08 6:20pm 11/17/08 6:20pm