Asus Admits That a Virus Shipped With Some Eee Box Mini PCs

Asus has admitted to its Japanese customers that some of the Eee Box B202 »10/08/08 1:30pm10/08/08 1:30pm mini PCs they shipped included a recycled.exe virus loaded on the D: partition. When the drive is opened, the virus (identified by Symantec as the W32/Usbalex worm) attempts to infect the C: drive and any removable drives attached to the system.…

Asus Eee Box B202: Our First Look, Plus Official Specs (Only $300)

The other toy Asus brought for us to look at is their upcoming Eee Box, which will launch mid-July in the US. Running on a 1.6GHz Atom processor, it comes in Windows XP and Linux versions, both of which are blissfully cheap: $269 for the base 1GB RAM, 80GB storage Linux model, $299 for XP. Memory and storage are… »6/02/08 11:17am6/02/08 11:17am