Asus' XG Station Cracked Open, Easily Upgradeable

Asus gained lots of brownie points back in January when they demoed their XG Station. (The unit was essentially an external video card for your lappie). Well, now they're getting even more props 'cause thanks to the guys at 4Gamer, who got the chance to crack one open, we now know that the unit is upgradeable. Inside… » 4/06/07 7:02pm 4/06/07 7:02pm

Asus XG Station is World's First External Laptop Graphics Card

We're all for overengineered upgrades for the PC. This dock is like a magic shoehorn that'll let you use a top line desktop gaming card with a laptop. That's like jamming an 18-wheeler's diesel engine under the hood of your civic. One laptop, paired with an EN7900GS graphics card, gained a 9-fold jump in speed. yes,… » 1/06/07 9:36pm 1/06/07 9:36pm

CES Sneak Peak: Asus XG Station Pumps Up Your Notebook's Media

Though it looks more like a high tech speedometer, Asus' XG Station is an A/V workstation designed to give your notebook some extra media muscle. The unit hooks up to your laptop and packs discrete graphics chips as well as support for Dolby output. It's expected to make its debut next week at CES along with... » 1/02/07 11:10am 1/02/07 11:10am