DARPA Technology Autonomously Lands Severely Damaged Aircraft

DARPA, the Pentagon's source for R&D (and lovers of acronyms big and small) have released a video illustrating the Damage Tolerance and Autonomous Landing Solution they developed alongside Athena Technologies. Basically, DTALS is designed to take over for a pilot in the event that the aircraft sustains heavy damage. The … » 6/12/08 3:20pm 6/12/08 3:20pm

One Night Stand with the HTC X7500

HTC was showing plenty of love for Windows Mobile at their 3GSM booth. Their number one star, however, was the X7500, the UMPC, laptop, smartphone hybrid that's seen more name changes than Prince. Spec-wise, we all know what the X7500 has to offer, so I won't rehash that. Instead I'll talk about what it's like using… » 2/13/07 10:47pm 2/13/07 10:47pm