These Five Ideas for Smarter Cities Just Won Millions in Funding

Ever since he left his post as the ban-happy mayor of New York City, Michael Bloomberg has been very busy taking his urban revitalization show on the road. Today, his philanthropy announced the winners of his annual Mayors Challenge, with five bright ideas for cities addressing issues from aging to civic engagement. » 9/19/14 4:20pm 9/19/14 4:20pm

The Desolate State of Athens Olympic Venues 10 Years Later

Ten years ago this week, the Summer Olympics triumphantly returned to their historic home with splashy opening ceremonies in Athens, Greece. Unfortunately, the glory did not last after the Games. While the dilapidated state of Athens' venues post-Games has been well-documented, new photos taken this week show just how… » 8/07/14 6:40pm 8/07/14 6:40pm

This Athens Bike Shops Looks Unfinished On Purpose

With its exposed particle board, bare floors and an almost treehouse-like interior this Athens-based bike shop appears half-done, but that's by design. "Nature" is one of the main themes, as it is "nature" where you'll be doing your riding. » 5/29/11 10:00pm 5/29/11 10:00pm

Pretend You've Been to Greece by Buying a Professional Photographer's…

If you're willing to spend $45 buying someone's unseen photos snapped on a disposable camera, then maybe you should stop being such a cheapskate and just buy a flight to Athens anyway. Unless you're buying them purely for voyeuristic purposes only—in which case, buy away! » 4/18/11 6:40am 4/18/11 6:40am

The 24 Hours of One Day In One Single Photo

This spherical panorama was made over the course of 24 hours by Chris Kotsiopoulos, showing an entire Athenian day in one single picture, with 500 star trails, 35 Sun images and 25 landscapes. Here's how he did it: » 1/27/11 4:00pm 1/27/11 4:00pm

Latest Dell Leak Features Sparta Netbook, Looking Glass Pro, Streak…

Dell, ever the leaky sieve after this week's unexpected Flash/Thunder/Smoke peepshow, has let slip a presentation that outlines a number of upcoming gadgets, including Sparta/Athens netbooks, the Looking Glass Pro and three Streak variants. » 4/25/10 12:00pm 4/25/10 12:00pm