Informance Sunglasses Display Information in Your Peripheral Vision

We are always looking for the best ways to improve our rigorous physical workout routines, and the Informance smart sunglasses look like a worthy asset to our arsenal of workout gear. The instrument is intended for use by professional athletes, and will allow them to view vital statistics in their peripheral vision… » 10/21/07 1:59pm 10/21/07 1:59pm

Shoe Flash Drive Looks Strangely Familiar

This is a pretty average flash drive that comes in a not-so-average package. This toe of this athletic shoe pops off to reveal the USB connector capable of storing up to 1GB of your favorite sports (or anything else) related goods. No, your eyes aren't deceiving you. That appears to be the oh-so-familiar Nike swoosh… » 5/17/07 5:40pm 5/17/07 5:40pm

All Nike Shoes to Become Nike+ Compatible

AP Nike President and Chief Executive Mark Parker recently said that all Nike running shoes will become compatible with the Nike+iPod sensor by the end of the year. There were no other details offered, but I would suspect that over the year Nike will slowly phase out the old kicks in favor of new ones that are Nike+… » 3/26/07 3:00pm 3/26/07 3:00pm