Fall Movie Guide: 6 Movies We're Sure Will Rock, Plus 23 Contenders

This is a great time to be a fan of science fiction and fantasy movies, and this fall is jam-packed with wonder and fascination. There are huge sequels, like Hunger Games and The Hobbit. But also some huge wild cards, like Christopher Nolan's Interstellar and Ridley Scott's Exodus. Here are 29 movies to look out for… » 8/13/14 12:00pm 8/13/14 12:00pm

Noted Literary Dunce Ayn Rand Finally Goes Interactive with Atlas…

That pretentious kid from high school/college/life who cited Ayn Rand quotes about the glory of self-interest and the triumph of the free market, despite being kind of a broke-ass loser? He's about to start masturbating: Atlas Shrugged, the app. » 9/14/11 1:20pm 9/14/11 1:20pm