Scientists See Star Blasting a Planet for the First Time Ever

Imagine you're outside, walking happily on a beautiful sunny day. Suddenly, the light gets intense. You look up, and see a bright flash filling everything. Seconds later, a powerful wind starts pushing the clouds out of view at hypersonic speed. Buildings, trees, and people fly away, disintegrating into a billion… » 6/28/12 1:00pm 6/28/12 1:00pm

Frenchman Plummeting 25 Miles From The Sky Will Break Sound Barrier,…

Michel Fournier is about to make the greatest leap of his, and anyone else's, life. On Sunday, the 64-year-old retired French army officer will fly almost 25 miles into the sky in a giant balloon, step out of a pressurized capsule and plunge headfirst towards the earth, soaring through the atmosphere for an estimated… » 5/24/08 9:00pm 5/24/08 9:00pm