Sharp-Willcom D4 UMPC With Intel Atom Centrino, Vista Hits the States on June 20th

If, for some reason, you were interested in picking up one of Sharp-Willcom's new D4 WS016SH UMPCs, the device will be available in the States starting on June 20th from GeekStuff4U. Personally, I would not be thrilled about dropping $1,526.33 on a device running Vista huffing and puffing with only a 1.33Ghz processor… »4/24/08 4:10pm4/24/08 4:10pm


Sharp-Willcom D4 UMPC First with Intel Atom Centrino, Windows Vista Too

Looking something like the love child of an OQO and an HTC Tilt, Sharp-Willcom's new D4 WS016SH UMPC is apparently the first of its type to have the new Atom Centrino fizzing away inside. That 1.3GHz Atom Z520 is matched with a five-inch LED back-lit 1024 x 600 touchscreen, 1GB of memory, a 40GB drive, 2 megapixel… »4/14/08 4:30am4/14/08 4:30am