Dell Mini 10 Update Includes a Shiny New Processor

Dell's Inspiron Mini 10 is joining the coming wave of netbooks that will use Intel's next-generation Atom n450 processor. It'll give you a longer battery life, but may not have much of an impact beyond that. » 12/21/09 10:37am 12/21/09 10:37am

Rumor: Graphics-Infused Atom "Pineview" Processor Slated for Q4 Release

Digitimes has it from one of their annoyingly anonymous, sometimes accurate "industry insiders" that the N450 Pineview, one of Intel's next-gen Pine Trail Atoms, which boast built-in GPUs and memory controllers for slightly improved graphics performance and massively improved battery life, will ship in Q4—October at the… » 6/10/09 7:14am 6/10/09 7:14am