A Government Program Wanted to Make the Perfect Artificial Heart—With…

The idea of putting a decaying radioactive isotope inside your chest might make you a little uneasy—and rightly so. But in 1967, the National Heart Institute and the Atomic Energy Agency set out to make it happen in the form of a plutonium-238-powered atomic heart. Think Tony Stark with nuclear waste in his chest. » 3/22/13 2:00pm 3/22/13 2:00pm

Tourists Watching Nuclear Explosions Is a Terrible Idea But a Great…

I love these images—created by photographer Clay Lipsky—and their premise: "Imagine if the advent of the atomic era occurred during today's information age. Tourists would gather to view bomb tests, at the 'safe' distances used in the 1950s, and share the resulting cell phone photos" on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. » 8/01/12 5:20pm 8/01/12 5:20pm

The Story of the Greatest Cheeseburger of All Time: How the Nuclear…

My mouth is jealous of Jason Sheehan's mouth. It got to taste the tastiest burger ever, and tell the best burger story of all time. I won't ruin it for you, but it involves a-bombs, Oppenheimer, and green chiles. Yum. [Gilt Taste] » 10/14/11 9:20pm 10/14/11 9:20pm

Fascinating First-Ever Images of an Electron In Orbit

It was only two years ago that IBM showed us an image of a complete molecule, atomic bonds and all, but today's news does that one infinitesimally-sized breakthrough better. Ladies and gents, behold the first image of an electron's path. » 8/28/11 5:00pm 8/28/11 5:00pm

Quitting the Manhattan Project

The Manhattan Project is among the most significant events in world history. There were those who came and went in the quest to create the first atomic bomb, but only one physicist quit for moral reasons: Józef Rotblat. » 8/15/11 9:40pm 8/15/11 9:40pm

Where Did The Iconic Fallout Shelter Symbol Come From?

CONELRAD recently posted a great piece that explores the origin of the famous fallout shelter sign that appeared across the country at the height of the Cold War. Worn and rusted, you can still see some of them today as lasting symbols of the atomic age. » 6/22/11 7:20pm 6/22/11 7:20pm

Nuclear Technology Isn't All Bad

The Fukushima crisis was a brutal wake-up call about the risks of nuclear power, and it's really got us all down. But that doesn't mean we should all panic and disregard the amazing possibilities of nuclear technology. » 3/30/11 12:00pm 3/30/11 12:00pm

Disney Says the Atom Is Our Friend

You may know Walt Disney as animator, FBI secret informer, J. Edgar Hoover crony, founder of one of the most powerful media companies and late frozen yogurt. But did you know that he loved atomic power? Watch this. » 3/22/11 7:40pm 3/22/11 7:40pm

Japan Nuclear Situation "Out of Control" (Updated)

The European Union's energy commissioner Guenther Oettinger said today that the Japanese nuclear disaster is a lot worse than what Japan is declaring. In fact, he believes it could be an apocalypse: » 3/15/11 4:19pm 3/15/11 4:19pm

The Secret Code Inside the Supervirus Attacking Iran Nuclear Power

Software engineers analyzing the code inside Stuxnet, the supervirus that is focusing its attacks in Iran power plants, have found a secret code word that may point to its country of origin. » 9/30/10 9:40am 9/30/10 9:40am

Pentagon Accused Of Launching Supervirus Attack On Iranian Nuclear Plant

Stuxnet—which some experts consider the most advanced virus ever—appears to be focusing its attacks on Iranian nuclear plants. Now, the Pentagon and German intelligence are being accused of creating the virus to take down Iran's atomic facility. » 9/27/10 1:40pm 9/27/10 1:40pm

This Is How It Feels to Be Under a Nuclear Attack

We're used to see atomic bombs images. From afar, they even look beautiful. But when one explodes near you, that immaculate light will burn your skin and make you bleed spontaneously. 65 years ago today, this is how that felt. » 8/06/10 2:00am 8/06/10 2:00am

This Quantum Clock Is 100,000 Times More Accurate Than the Atomic Clock

As Make puts it, the atomic clock is old and busted. The quantum-logic clock from National Institute of Standards and Technology, keeping time 100,000 times more accurately than its predecessor, is definitely the new hotness. » 2/06/10 1:15pm 2/06/10 1:15pm

How a Soviet Doomsday Master Missile Looks and Works

Yesterday we learnt that the Soviets still have a working doomsday system in place. This is an SS-17 ICBM master missile, which are launched first. Once they are in the skies, they activate the launch for all the Russian nukes. » 9/25/09 11:00am 9/25/09 11:00am

Get Nervous: Rusty Soviet Doomsday System Still Turned On

Wired Magazine has a fascinating article on the doomsday system that was built by the Soviets 25 years ago. It was designed to obliterate the US no matter what happened to the USSR—and it still works today. Shiver. » 9/23/09 10:00am 9/23/09 10:00am

Soviet Atomic Lighthouses Are Both Spooky and Deadly

Once upon a time, back when people in Russia used big moustaches and sent other people to Siberia, there were no GPS or tacky cellphones. But they had atomic lighthouses to light the Artic shores. » 1/16/09 7:51am 1/16/09 7:51am

Atomic Pen Writes World's Smallest Possible Letters

Researches at Osaka University have been doing some really tiny writing later, using their newly-invented atomic pen, which can draw atom by atom. The resulting letters, the words "Si" for silicon or "Yes" in Spanish, measure only 2 x 2 nanometers, roughly 40,000 times smaller than the width of a human hair. According… » 10/17/08 1:15pm 10/17/08 1:15pm

PolarIP Atomic Cordless Skype Phone For Mac

This PolarIP Atomic Skype phone is the first cordless Skype phone designed to work with both Macs and PCs. This isn't like the Standalone Skype WiFi phones that don't require a computer to operate. The Atomic plugs into your Mac via the base station and communicates with the cordless handset wirelessly. » 8/04/06 12:18pm 8/04/06 12:18pm

Giovannoni Wireless Projection Clock

Oregon Scientific likes to enlist the help of swanky designers and brands for its clockism, such as Philippe Starck, Ferrari and even John Deere. Now the company has signed up Italian design superstar Stefano Giovannoni to develop this ominous-looking Wireless Projection Clock. » 6/28/06 10:02am 6/28/06 10:02am