This Atomic Clock Wristwatch Only Loses a Second Every Thousand Years

If you pride yourself on not only being the person who always arrives on time, but also the person with the most accurate time, then Bathys Hawaii's got one heck of a watch for you. This monstrous creation, now just a prototype, is an actual atomic clock you can strap to your wrist that guarantees accurate time for… »10/01/13 10:36am10/01/13 10:36am

Physicists Just Created the World's Most Precise Clock—Ever

We know that the universe is roughly 13.8 billion years old—give or take a few hundred million years. Which seems like a decently accurate reading. But a new pair of clocks, which can measure time at a 1018 fractional level, makes our own measurements look like child's play. To have the same level of precision as… »5/29/13 3:01pm5/29/13 3:01pm

New Strides Toward Better Clocks, Accurate to One Second in 32 Billion Years

The slightest whisper of warmth induces miscalculations in the world's most precise atomic clock, researchers say. Accounting for this effect can make future clocks even more precise, eventually leading to atomic clocks that lose only one second every 32 billion years - about two and a half times the age of the… »5/15/11 10:00am5/15/11 10:00am