Sony atracTable Interactive Surface Is Surfacing This June

Microsoft Surface is about to get some competition: the atracTable, developed by Atracsys and now owned by Sony, will be commercially available in June. The 35-inch model will have a full HD screen, and smells distinctively like the future. » 5/03/10 9:49am 5/03/10 9:49am

Another "Minority Report" Touch Computing Interface, But With Less…

The "Minority Report" interface is a popular one to namecheck recently. The latest company to do so is the Swiss outfit Atracsys, whose interactive system, dubiously dubbed "beMerlin," optically (surprise) tracks hand movements and promises to deliver the same intuitive awesomeness Tom Cruise experienced, minus the… » 7/09/07 10:13am 7/09/07 10:13am