AT&T: NYC Improved, Sorry San Francisco

If you're wondering just how much less sucky your NYC AT&T service was, look no further: dropped calls down 23% in Manhattan, blocked calls down 39%, 3G speeds up 31%. And if you're wondering the same in San Fransisco, well... » 7/22/10 10:28am 7/22/10 10:28am

AT&T 3G Network Down In Some Areas, Reports Say

We here at Gizmodo have been getting interesting missives from several readers about how AT&T's 3G network has just plumb broke in several areas, like Boston and Hawaii. Any calls made to an iPhone 3G goes straight to voicemail, but with no notification to the iPhone owner. Switching back to the Edge/2G network will get … » 11/20/08 11:31pm 11/20/08 11:31pm