States Are Lining Up to Investigate the AT&T-Mobile Deal

While no local governments have actually moved to prevent AT&T's acquisition of T-Mobile USA, a whole bunch have started firing off subpoenas at both Ma Bell and Sprint, the deal's most vocal opponent. The nine states are requesting data related to antitrust investigations, which, hey, of course going from four major… »7/12/11 5:25pm7/12/11 5:25pm

Sprint's Dan Hesse Thinks AT&T and Verizon Control Too Much of the Market

Here's what Dan Hesse had to say about the pending AT&T-Mobile merger and the looming state of mobile communications when he sat down with CNBC's Jim Cramer: "Well, I think what it, in essence, a lot—what a lot of people have said is, if you basically—if you approve this deal, AT&T-T-Mobile, in essence you're… »3/22/11 7:20pm3/22/11 7:20pm