Rare white shark on white shark attack captured in terrifying video

The huge fish always eats the less huge fish: Witness the attack of a white shark against a younger one recorded on Neptune Island, 50 miles off the coast of Australia. Perhaps it was a mistake—the big one seemed headed to the bait when the small one crossed its path closer—but the final result is just the same. » 9/30/14 6:41pm 9/30/14 6:41pm

Videos: US Navy launches Tomahawk missiles against ISIS in Syria

The attack against ISIS in Syria has begun, according to the Pentagon Press Secretary Rear Admiral John Kirby: "US military & partner nation forces have begun striking ISIL targets in Syria using mix of fighters, bombers and Tomahawk missiles." The US Navy has released these videos to prove it. » 9/23/14 6:27am 9/23/14 6:27am

Great white shark attack captured from every possible angle

Scientists from the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute recorded this video of great white sharks fiercely attacking their SharkCam, an autonomous underwater vehicle with several cameras inside pointing at different directions. It shows how they attack their prey in Guadalupe Island, Baja California, Mexico. » 8/05/14 8:30pm 8/05/14 8:30pm

This Map Shows the DDoS Attacks Happening Across the World Right Now

Yesterday, Google announced Project Shield, a suite of free tools to help small websites stay online during DDoS (distributed denial of service) attacks. To accompany it, Google has also made available a live map of DDoS attacks which shows when and where they're happening. » 10/22/13 5:30am 10/22/13 5:30am

This Guy Got Swallowed By A Hippo And Survived

Look, a lot of people have crazy life stories to tell. They bought a used car formerly owned by Bob Saget or they were on a camping trip, peeing behind a tree when a bear walked by. Quality stories all. But this South African tour guide was, and I can't emphasize this enough, actually in the mouth of a hippopotamus.… » 5/05/13 9:00am 5/05/13 9:00am

Take a Look at China's New Attack Helicopter

The Chinese continue to upgrade their military to new levels. This is their new attack helicopter, the Z-19, a two-seater painted in badass black that looks a lot like the Eurocopter Dauphin. » 2/06/12 5:20pm 2/06/12 5:20pm

Operation Shady Rat Is The Largest Cyber Attack Ever Uncovered

If it wasn't true before, it's definitely true now. Hacking isn't just for giggles, it's a major threat to international security. » 8/03/11 12:31am 8/03/11 12:31am

Over 4,800 Web Sites Erased When Australian Web Host Is Hacked

Thousands of people in Australia are in shock after finding out their web sites are gone due to the antics of a hacker and poor network management by their web host. » 6/22/11 1:28am 6/22/11 1:28am

Watch This App Transform Kitteh Into iPod Killer

Meesha looks like an adorable kitty, and I'm sure she's a joy to be around. But something about the Cat Toy app unleashes the jungle beast within. Hardware lovers beware: you're about to witness savage iPod abuse. » 11/08/10 10:20pm 11/08/10 10:20pm

Porn Video Sneaks Into Nokia N8 Chinese Announcement Broadcast—UPDATED

Make this a lesson in how to drum up some much-needed interest in a should-be-obsolete phone: ensure your Chinese live-stream announcement gets hacked with a snippet of porn. Works a charm! UPDATED » 8/27/10 5:20am 8/27/10 5:20am

McAfee: IE Security Flaw to Blame for Attack on Google and Others

Remember those cyber attacks on several companies which somehow led to Google refusing to continue censoring searches in China? According to antivirus maker McAfee, Internet Explorer security flaws are one of the key culprits for what's now called "Operation Aurora." » 1/15/10 2:00am 1/15/10 2:00am

PayPal Misinterprets Own Email as Phishing Attack

Even PayPal can't tell its own emails from spam! A cranky ex-Microsoft employee complained to PayPal about a "suspicious looking" link in an email from them, which they then treated as a phishing attack. [Eset via The Reg] » 12/04/09 11:40am 12/04/09 11:40am

This is Not a Trailer For Tiger Woods 2011, But It Should Be

Despite the fact that TMZ pays to have eyes everywhere, they couldn't actually get footage of Tiger Woods' mishap with his wife. So what did a Taiwanese news program do? They made their own. » 12/01/09 5:12pm 12/01/09 5:12pm

DDOS Attack Against Facebook, Twitter, Et Al. Was Because of One Guy's…

According to a Facebook executive, the target of today's DDOS attacks on Twitter, Facebook, LiveJournal, YouTube and other social media sites was one pro-Georgian blogger going by the username of "Cyxym." No word as to who was behind the attack. » 8/06/09 10:40pm 8/06/09 10:40pm

US Military Hackers Could Pwn Enemies Using Real Bombs, Missiles

We knew that the Air Force Cyber Command is supposed to fight against enemy computer attacks using their skillz, computer programs, and massive PlayStation 3s networks. Now Christian Lowe at Defense Tech reveals that, if they can't stop the attacks using a terminal, the US military hackers can actually order a cruise… » 6/13/08 6:24am 6/13/08 6:24am

CD Fanboys Are Ready to Kick Ass, Slice Sausage

When most of us look at this Russian group CD-ROM cult, we're silently relieved that the Cold War is over. I mean, how does one defend against assailants armored with the best hits of the 80s, 90s and today? Your only real defense is to make friends over a bottle of wine and some cured meats. Hit the jump for a photo… » 10/29/07 10:53am 10/29/07 10:53am

Nuclear Strike = Dead, No Cellphone Replacement

Our even more jaded friends at the Consumerist received an interesting tip regarding big cellphone insurance provider Asurion's exclusion of coverage. This is direct from the policy: » 10/29/06 1:00pm 10/29/06 1:00pm