This video proves how hard it is to focus for an entire 3 minutes now

It's pretty much impossible for me. And probably for a lot of you. Before the Internet existed in our pockets, I'm pretty sure all of us could watch a clip for the entire 3 minutes and not feel the blistering need to change tabs or see what the newest picture on Instagram was or tweet something silly. But now? I… » 6/25/14 11:06pm 6/25/14 11:06pm

Why Can't We Sit Still For Web Video?

According to a new study by Visible Measures, 44% of viewers click away from web video after just a minute. What's even crazier is that 20% give up after just 10 seconds. But that's probably a good thing. » 10/11/10 12:20pm 10/11/10 12:20pm

The Formula For a Perfect Movie

A Cornell University professor analyzed 150 of the highest grossing movies of the last 70 years. The more recent the movie, he found, the closer it adhered to the mathematical formula that describes the human attention span. » 2/20/10 11:00am 2/20/10 11:00am