Apple TV 2.3 Update Breaks Boxee, Other Hacks

Apple TV updates generally always wipe away all third-party software you may have installed, but usually, most things can just be re-installed. Not so with yesterday's 2.3 version update however, which has closed the door used to install software like Boxee via a USB patchstick. So if you love your Boxee like we do,… » 11/20/08 6:40pm 11/20/08 6:40pm

Spectacular Video of Jules Verne Apocalyptical Re-Entry

Here's the video of the fiery re-entry of the Jules Verne Autonomous Transport Vehicle » 10/12/08 5:00pm 10/12/08 5:00pm, the huge European Space Agency spacecraft that carried almost five tonnes of food, air, water and fuel on board the International Space Station. It was taken in high definition from a NASA's DC-8 at 37,000 feet, 90 miles north of…

First Picture of Jules Verne Spacecraft Re-Entry Destruction

This is the first picture of the spectacular re-entry of Jules Verne, the Automated Transport Vehicle that fell from orbit today at 9:31AM Eastern time. Taken from a DC-8, it shows the moment in which it starts to break at 9:43AM, just before falling into the Pacific Ocean. Apparently, the show was amazing because this … » 9/29/08 12:13pm 9/29/08 12:13pm

aTV Media Center Hack for Apple TV is Back, Now With GUI Installer and …

After disappearing for a while due to a fair use scuff-up, the aTV software that helps turn the Apple TV into the media center it should have been is now back and freshly updated. Big new features are a GUI installer for loading the hack onto a USB stick, eliminating the messy command line work that used to be… » 7/25/08 5:00pm 7/25/08 5:00pm

aTV One-Step Apple TV Hack Gizmo Discontinued

It was just the other day that we brought you news of the aTV single step Apple TV flash-drive hack, bringing cool functionality to your Apple TV. But now a notice on Apple Core's website says the device has been discontinued (voluntarily, according to the company) over questions about the fair use of some of the… » 5/30/08 6:23am 5/30/08 6:23am

Earth Electric Utility Vehicle Should Be The New ATV

The Model One ATV is an electric, all terrain vehicle outed as the the world's first "Earth Utility Vehicle." A creation of Barefoot Motors, the Model One has Mythbuster legend Jamie Hyneman as design engineer. Their goal was to create a vehicle designed to work in nature that would be eco-friendly while still providing … » 11/05/07 8:27pm 11/05/07 8:27pm