Crazy Mad Max car shows how bad ass it is by scaling a sand wall

The new Mad Max movie is going to be filled with such crazy explosions and gnarly stunts that your eyes will pop but that’s just the beauty of being able to sprinkle movie effects onto a summer blockbuster. Not all of that badassery will be real. What is real is this awesome Mad Max Peacemaker car, this thing just… »5/12/15 10:07am5/12/15 10:07am


Spectacular Video of Jules Verne Apocalyptical Re-Entry

Here's the video of the fiery re-entry of the Jules Verne Autonomous Transport Vehicle »10/12/08 5:00pm10/12/08 5:00pm, the huge European Space Agency spacecraft that carried almost five tonnes of food, air, water and fuel on board the International Space Station. It was taken in high definition from a NASA's DC-8 at 37,000 feet, 90 miles north of…

First Picture of Jules Verne Spacecraft Re-Entry Destruction

This is the first picture of the spectacular re-entry of Jules Verne, the Automated Transport Vehicle that fell from orbit today at 9:31AM Eastern time. Taken from a DC-8, it shows the moment in which it starts to break at 9:43AM, just before falling into the Pacific Ocean. Apparently, the show was amazing because… »9/29/08 12:13pm9/29/08 12:13pm

aTV Media Center Hack for Apple TV is Back, Now With GUI Installer and Support For USB Drives

After disappearing for a while due to a fair use scuff-up, the aTV software that helps turn the Apple TV into the media center it should have been is now back and freshly updated. Big new features are a GUI installer for loading the hack onto a USB stick, eliminating the messy command line work that used to be… »7/25/08 5:00pm7/25/08 5:00pm

Earth Electric Utility Vehicle Should Be The New ATV

The Model One ATV is an electric, all terrain vehicle outed as the the world's first "Earth Utility Vehicle." A creation of Barefoot Motors, the Model One has Mythbuster legend Jamie Hyneman as design engineer. Their goal was to create a vehicle designed to work in nature that would be eco-friendly while still… »11/05/07 8:27pm11/05/07 8:27pm