A Riding Mower That Transforms Into an ATV Is All Work and All Play

Riding mowers and ATVs can cost as much as a decent used car, but expensive or not, they're a must-have accessory if you have to maintain a large piece of property. So a company called Denver Global Products has created the Raven MPV7100S, which combines both into a single vehicle—with added functionality that also… »4/01/14 5:40pm4/01/14 5:40pm

Jumping Out of a Plane on an ATV Makes Skydiving, ATVs More Exciting

Let's be clear here, guys: jumping out of an airplane on a four-wheeler is a bad idea. You will break both the four-wheeler and yourself. That doesn't make watching dudes drive out of the back of an airplane on dirt bikes and four-wheelers any less awesome, however. Click to view »10/23/08 11:15am10/23/08 11:15amPart of this is CG, mainly the…