Japan's Finest: KDDI Fall Winter Cellphone Line

Proving again that Japan has the prettiest phones in the world, au by KDDI has released its Fall and Winter lines, showing off eight new models with emphases on super bright and big Organic EL screens, multimedia “au BOX” connectivity, and a funky mobile personal trainer and calorie counter » 10/28/08 2:30am 10/28/08 2:30am called “Karada Manager.”…

AUO's 24-inch, 16:9 LCD Display is World's First Truly "Widescreen"…

College students and people who enjoy watching movies on their computers will enjoy this AU Optronics 24-inch monitor, which is the world's first 16:9 aspect ratio display for your desk. Why would you want something that's 16:9 as opposed to the slightly narrower ratio that traditional "widescreen" desktop monitors… » 3/11/08 5:00pm 3/11/08 5:00pm

Au Claims Its W61SH Widescreen Cell has a 2000:1 Contrast Ratio, We…

Au, the company that brought us the rather sexy Infobar 2 has released a high-res widescreen phone in Japan that they claim has a 2000:1 contrast ratio. Manufactured by Sharp, the hot-pink number has a 2.8-inch Acquos screen, 240 x 400 resolution and this rather crazy 2000:1 contrast claim. You can find a mini-gallery… » 12/17/07 5:14am 12/17/07 5:14am

New Au Infobars Shave Corners, Just Need Lube

Au's Infobar 2 is hitting the streets in Japan in November. Impress describes it as "Square it was and the form like whether the candy dissolved in the mouth and had roundness of," which makes me certain that it was designed by Yoda (another clue is that it comes in Yoda Green.) The 2.6-inch OLED screen has 240 x 400… » 9/26/07 4:50am 9/26/07 4:50am

Touching Dozens of Beautiful Japanese Cellphones

I'm in Tokyo, and I've been avoiding gadgets. After all, I'm supposed to be on vacation. But today Lisa took me to Akiba, and I ended up running through a dozen stores, groping over 50 handsets. I've written about some, like the incredibly simple Wilcom R9, glowing Sony Ericsson w43s and walkman-like w42s. But… » 12/28/06 11:39am 12/28/06 11:39am