Audeo Neckband Translates Your Thoughts into Speech, Voicelessly

The science-fiction sounding Audeo can apparently detect nerve impulses your brain sends to your vocal cords, and then translate them into meaningful electronic speech without a sound escaping from your mouth. While secret agents everywhere are presumably rejoicing at the idea, it's actually intended to help people… » 3/13/08 8:50am 3/13/08 8:50am

Thought-Controlled Wheel Chair Helps the Disabled

A wheel chair being developed by Ambient will allow users to control its movement with just their thoughts — a breakthrough device that could be a huge help for the paralyzed. Called the Audeo, the chair works by intercepting brain signals sent to your larynx and decoding them to match previously recorded words, such… » 9/07/07 7:56pm 9/07/07 7:56pm

Phonak Audéo Personal Communication Assistant, Used to be Called a…

Since we last told you about Phonak hearing aids a year and a half ago, the Swiss company's made strides to further advance the devices' compact form factor and high-fidelity sound. The new Audéo Personal Communication Assistant (PCA) is available in two different styles and 15 color combinations. It's discreetly… » 8/15/07 3:45pm 8/15/07 3:45pm