Alesis ProTrack Converts Your iPod Into a Pro-Quality Digital Recorder

This isn't the first product to come down the pipeline offering portable audio recording capabilities for the iPod, but the new ProTrack from Alesis is definitely the most feature-rich. According to the press release, the ProTrack is "the world's first professional handheld digital stereo recorder for iPod" with two… » 6/23/08 1:30pm 6/23/08 1:30pm

Bangai-O Spirits For DS Uses Old Timey Audio Recordings To Share Levels

The Nintendo DS remake of the old Dreamcast favorite Bangai-O Spirits has one very notable feature that we haven't seen in years. Kotaku found out that instead of using Nintendo's local Wi-Fi or over-the-net DS codes, you share levels via audio recording. Once you've designed something you want your friends to see,… » 6/12/08 2:20pm 6/12/08 2:20pm

Plastic Cup Gramophone Kit: Edison's Invention Reproduced

Those of you amused by the Edison recording outrage will love this: a toy gramophone kit that lets you record and play back your voice from a plastic cup. Made by Gekken, a Japanese company that produces educational toys, it uses exactly the same principle as Edison's, with the neat use of a plastic cup as the audio… » 3/28/08 8:51am 3/28/08 8:51am