Save $40 on a Set of Crowd-Pleasing Audio-Technica ATH-M50x Headphones

Odds are, you're already familiar with the Audio Technica's popular ATH-M50 headphones, but you might not know that they have an "x" variant that adds a much-desired detachable cable to the mix. This version almost never goes on sale, but you can save $40 today if you buy a pair from Adorama. » 10/21/14 9:45am 10/21/14 9:45am

Over-Ear Headphones That Wrap Behind Your Head To Preserve Your 'Do

Audio-Technica's new ATH-S600 headphones don't break much new ground when it comes to sound quality, but that's not why consumers might be interested in the new cans. What makes the headphones interesting is their over-ear design with a headband that wraps around the back of the wearer's head to protect their… » 7/03/14 2:00pm 7/03/14 2:00pm

Quality Budget Headphones, iTunes Credit, Ice Cream [Deals]

The Audio-Technica ATH-M50s are a favorite among the Commerce Team, Lifehacker Editorial, reviewers across the Internet, and our readers. Their step-down, the M45s, are available for $50 today from Musician's Friend, which is a great price point for quality audio on a budget. The 50s go as low as $80, but usually… » 2/20/14 1:45pm 2/20/14 1:45pm

A Roku For Under $40, Chromecast, Sony RX-100 II, ATH-M50S [Deals]

Roku continue to impress with both the features and the pricing of its streaming boxes. The Roku LT, the budget model of the 2013 lineup, is available for $37 today, which is $2 more than a Chromecast. It drops the resolution to 720p and doesn't have the headphone out on the remote, but also, it's $37. [Amazon] » 12/16/13 1:45pm 12/16/13 1:45pm

The Best Deals in Tech

The holidays are approaching fast, and it's time to start picking up some gifts: for friends, family, even yourself. But when you're picking out what to go with, it's sometimes wise to stay away from the absolute best. Sometimes you just want the best value—something that's worth every shiny, hard-earned penny. » 12/04/12 12:30pm 12/04/12 12:30pm

The Best Noise-Canceling Headphones

If you're interested in noise-canceling headphones you're probably looking for refuge from the roar of jet engines or the murmurs from the water cooler. Good ones should make you deaf to the world around you. Like earplugs only better—because you're listening to your favorite music in a completely oblivious trance. » 9/19/12 5:20pm 9/19/12 5:20pm

Amphones Help You Shred In Silence If Your Neighbors Are Jerks

"If it's too loud," the saying goes, "the neighbors are going to call the cops and screw up your late-night shred session." In an attempt to solve this eternal conundrum, the guitar amplification specialists at Vox have teamed up with the headphone geniuses Audio Technica to create Amphones. Yes, guitar amplifier… » 9/18/12 1:44pm 9/18/12 1:44pm

Audio-Technica's Solid Bass Buds Are Ready for Your Beats

People love that bass. That's part of the reason that Beats by Dre are so popular. Audio Technica's new tiny Solid Bass headphones bring you that same thump without losing all the rest of the tones in your favorite jams. » 1/10/12 7:10pm 1/10/12 7:10pm

Smashingly Brilliant Gifts for the Anglophile Gadgeteer

He likes things the good old-fashioned way. He favors tea over coffee; thinks baseball is a daft perversion of cricket; prefers leather and wood to brushed aluminum and carbon fiber; and above all, he wishes everything were just a little more... civilized. » 12/04/11 5:00pm 12/04/11 5:00pm

A Tough Little Speaker for Your Moonlit Slow Jams

Let's be as upfront about this as possible: the Audio-Technica AT-SPG51 Rugged Compact Speaker is kind of adorable. I know, it's also also enforced with enough hardened plastic that it's up for any camping trip or skydive or other tough things. But gosh darn it, that doesn't make them any less huggable. » 6/15/11 4:40pm 6/15/11 4:40pm

Audio-Technica BoogieBox Speaker Handles the Heaviest of Metals

There's no shortage of cutesy portable speakers for listening to music when you're out and about. But if you want something that doesn't feel like it's going to snap in two, the Audio-Technica BoogieBox will do you a solid. » 3/13/10 9:18am 3/13/10 9:18am

Audio-Technica's QuietPoint ATH-ANC3 Combines Two Kinds Of Noise…

Audio-Technica released the QuietPoint ATH-ANC3 active noise-cancelling in-ear headphones today. They say that the battery-powered ear buds block out 85% of all outside noise. We don't understand the point. Since in-ear headphones already cancel outside noise by design, some of the technology here is doing double… » 1/07/08 12:00am 1/07/08 12:00am

Audio Technica's ATH-ESW9 Cans Give You Wood

The ATH-ESW9 Sovereign Wood Headphones, by Audio Technica, are constructed from the finest of fine, Japanese Hokkaido cherry tree wood. They have 42mm neodymium magnet drivers encased in fiberglass, a gold plated mini plug and a sensitivity of 103dB. » 9/29/07 7:20pm 9/29/07 7:20pm

Cable Wrap; Clever, Good Looking, Mess Cleaning And Single

Unfortunately, like acne on a pubescent teenager's face, wired headphones are still ubiquitous. Also, unless you are a silhouette in an iPod commercial, they look like crap too. Audio-Technica has released a primitive solution called the Cable Wrap. The Cable Wrap consists of a double clip design; one to attach to… » 9/01/07 10:30am 9/01/07 10:30am

Columino Speakers Float on Air, Empty Your Wallet

They may look like a secret Wii accessory we haven't seen, but these floating bowling pins are actually desktop speakers. They're held up by a thin spine/rod which you can only see from behind to give the illusion that they're floating in air. The speakers shoot audio straight into the circular base, which… » 3/13/07 10:52pm 3/13/07 10:52pm

NYT Looks at Digitizing Your Vinyl

LP to MP3 stories are as old as the digital format itself. Instead of the standard old "How To" story, NYT takes a look at two new turntables that make the task a cinch, judging them and recommending the best.
» 1/23/07 10:42am 1/23/07 10:42am

Audio Technica's LP2Da Sound-wise, it was difficult to distinguish the LP from the resulting CD…

Audio-Technica ATH-EQ330 Headphones

Audio-Technica is releasing its ATH-EQ330 clip-on headphones in Japan this November. While they might not look as attractive as some of the company's previous headphones, these do have a number of features that might interest those who wish to replace their dreadful Apple earbuds, but not for an arm and a leg. » 6/21/06 11:12am 6/21/06 11:12am

Funky Audio-Technica Headphones

Audio-Technica has announced two odd-looking headphones. The ATH-EC700 and ATH-EC700Ti provide superb sound on a 10Hz-to-24kHz range and 100dB of audio goodness. The only difference between the two is that one is made of aluminum while the other is made of titanium. They have a bit of a stethoscope look, but that's… » 5/03/06 2:02pm 5/03/06 2:02pm