Amazon Plans to Buy Audible

It seems like a cozy fit:, the beloved mega bookseller, plans to by, the biggest (only?) digital distributor of audiobooks. The news release itself describes the terms of the deal ($300 million in cash) but doesn't really outline Amazon's ultimate plans. Amazon does, notably, take this… » 1/31/08 8:46am 1/31/08 8:46am

PlayAway Books: The Pre-loaded Digital Audio Book

If you like audiobooks but don't like downloading them and getting them onto your iPod, you can try the PlayAway book. It's about the size of an iPod Mini and comes with earbuds and a lanyard to wear around your neck, so everyone knows what you're listening to. The "books" come preloaded with one of a few books, like… » 8/23/06 7:30pm 8/23/06 7:30pm