Amazon Plans to Buy Audible

It seems like a cozy fit:, the beloved mega bookseller, plans to by, the biggest (only?) digital distributor of audiobooks. The news release itself describes the terms of the deal ($300 million in cash) but doesn't really outline Amazon's ultimate plans. Amazon does, notably, take this… » 1/31/08 8:46am 1/31/08 8:46am

New Audiobooks From iTunes Store Won't Play on iPods; Lazy People Weep

Too-busy-to-read (or slackass) bibliophiles are in for a surprise if they grab Al Gore's latest account of his hunt for Manbearpig from the iTunes Store. Apple has confirmed that The Assault on Reason, as well as a number of other new books released on the iTunes Store will not play on iPods, though they will in… » 5/29/07 11:45am 5/29/07 11:45am

PlayAway Audiobooks Reviewed (Verdict: Significant Market)

This review seems to have been written by a 12-year-old girl ("It is light weight and will be perfect for the beach this Summer. We'll have more on this once we give it a listen :-)"), but it covers all the basics. The PlayAway is an MP3 player pre-loaded with an audio book. It costs about as much as a hardback, between… » 5/31/06 1:51pm 5/31/06 1:51pm