Audioengine AW1 Lets You Stream Music With Little Fuss

Audioengine has released a software independent, wireless music streaming solution, called the AW1. The AW1 set contains a receiver module and transmitter; the receiver connects via USB, RCA or line-out and the transmitter connects to your PC via USB. The audio sent is then picked up by the connected audio source,… » 3/12/08 7:03am 3/12/08 7:03am

Gizmodo Theme Song Contest: Vote for the Winner

The Gizmodo Theme Song Contest finished up last week. I compiled nine of the better entries and now leave it to you, the readers, the vote for the winner. The winner will receive of pair of Audioengine A5 speakers valued at $350. Big thanks to Audioengine for sponsoring this contest. Now, hit the jump to listen to all… » 11/13/06 1:56pm 11/13/06 1:56pm

Audioengine A5 Reviewed (Verdict: Diamond in the Rough)

At first glance I was skeptical about the Audioengine A5 bookshelf-style speaker system. But once I received my unit and opened up the box I knew something was a bit different. First and foremost, the individual components were wrapped is cloth bags in the box rather than not wrapped at all or in traditional plastic… » 10/30/06 3:19pm 10/30/06 3:19pm