iPanda iPod Dock Panders To Bear Loving Music Enthusiasts

What's black and white and acts like a bamboo(m) box? The iPanda, an adorable iPod docking station by animal-themed audio system »11/25/08 11:00pm11/25/08 11:00pm makers Speakal! The China bear-shaped dock boasts four speakers and a 4” subwoofer for 25 watts of sound and “360° sound distribution.” Pump up the volume by touching the panda's left ear,…

Twinbird Zabady Bathroom CD/MP3 Player Foils Sad Attempts To End Miserable Lives

The cute little Zabady AV-J189S splash-proof sound system from Twinbird can do a lot of things. It has a slot-loading CD player and a USB jack for thumbdrives and other local storage that contain MP3 or WMA files. When you dock it, the lithium-ion battery charges up and can run for 4.5 hours on CD, and up to 7 hours… »11/30/07 9:18am11/30/07 9:18am