Audiovox's Aftermarket Backup Camera Mounts Behind Your License Plate

The Pitch: Get a backup camera in your car without buying a new car with the feature built-in. Avoid backing over children and dogs by seeing a whole lot more than your mirrors show. It's waterproof and won't block your license plate. The Catch:While they say it stays hidden behind the license plate, sticking a $300… »1/07/08 12:00pm

Audiovox Intros New Acoustic Research and Jensen Products At Mostly Affordable Prices

Audiovox isn't so much an innovator as a "value" company, making (or at least branding) products that are fairly cheap in price but hopefully hold together. You probably know Jensen is an Audiovox brand; you may not know that Acoustic Research (along with certain RCA products) were added to the Audiovox lineup not… »7/17/07 1:48pm

Never-Before-Seen Shot of Audiovox XpressR XM Portable With Hot Split-Screen Action

Apparently, everyone has been so caught up debating the XM-Sirius merger that they stopped paying attention to new hardware these guys are still working on. Audiovox decided to sneak out a product announcement in the middle of March for the XpressR XMCK20 portable receiver, the first, says the release, with a… »4/13/07 7:40pm