Crazy Ass Solid Alliance Makes Aura Monitor Cellphone Strap

We love a crazy company like Solid Alliance that takes chances and does insane things much more than a company that just plays it safe and throws out yet another me too device and hopes it sells. Following up on their USB Food Hub and Food-shaped Flash Drives, SA's just released an Aura Monitor cellphone strap. » 4/23/07 8:30pm 4/23/07 8:30pm

Asus Aura Cellphone Concept: Imaginary iPhone Challenger

The Asus Aura wants you to pretend that it's not an iPhone rip-off, but that's essentially what it looks like, touchscreen and all. To be fair, it does do some things that the iPhone simply doesn't, such as HSDPA and UMTS. The difference? This Asus is just a concept that's years upon years away from ever coming out. » 2/06/07 7:32am 2/06/07 7:32am