Scientists Build World's First Schizophrenic Computer

In an obvious attempt to hasten the destruction of mankind, a team of scientists at the University of Texas at Austin built a neural network and promptly induced in the system a state of digital Schizophrenia. The DISCERN neural network was created, in part, to test a hypothesis that schizophrenic symptoms are a… »5/06/11 11:20pm5/06/11 11:20pm

Sassy DIY Talking Robot Tells You How to Assemble Sassy DIY Talking Robot

This sassy little thing is the brainchild of L. Scott Hudson, who recently participated in MAKE's Dorkbot Austin »8/24/08 12:00pm8/24/08 12:00pm robot building event. This gal is kind of like the we wrote about this week (also a MAKE find), but it's got the added bonus of moxie. It also gives you step-by-step self-assembly instructions in the…