CERN Wants Artists and Architects Working Alongside Its Physicists

What do art and high-energy physics have in common? Quite a bit, if you think about it: Space, time, and the structure of the visible and invisible world, for starters. That's why CERN has spent the past four years inviting artists into its headquarters, and why, for the first time, it's now inviting an architect to… » 1/26/15 11:50am 1/26/15 11:50am

Alien Secret Base Discovered in the Alps Is Actually Medical Center…

First an alien mothership stranded in the desert » 8/17/08 8:12am 8/17/08 8:12am, and now a whole extraterrestrial homebase right in the heart of the Alps, where at 15,000 feet and . Fortunately for earthlings, it's just a concept for a medical center for rehabilitation of trauma surgery patients designed by Sarah Schneider. Seeing how outwordly it…

How An Electronic Lock Helped a Crazy Austrian Man Keep His Daughter as…

To be honest, I wish that I never learned of the Josef Fritzl story in the first place—but it was hard to avoid given the severity of the crimes committed. However, the fact that a man could imprison his daughter in a basement for 24 years and father her seven children is too horrifying and baffling to ignore. Over… » 4/29/08 5:50pm 4/29/08 5:50pm

iPhone In Ireland and Austria Gives Us Excuse to Talk Beer

The iPhone is now available in Ireland and Austria, for the usual 399 (8GB) and 499 euros (16GB.) Yes, that's $778 for the same 16GB version that is manufactured in Asia for exactly the same price (in the US, a 16GB iPhone will cost you $519—tax included—in New York, a whopping $259 difference.) Apple Europe keeps… » 3/14/08 7:10am 3/14/08 7:10am

Virtual Pinball Machine Alters Arcade Gaming Lore

We love technological advancement, but there is something that just feels wrong about TAB Austria's Virtual Pinball machine. Sure, the six different animated games offer more variety than your conventional machine, and the 42" plasma display looks a damn site sexier than the usual mechanized pinball floor, but these… » 11/27/07 5:25am 11/27/07 5:25am