We Just Got One Step Closer to Killing the Password

The FIDO Alliance, whose members include everyone from Google to Samsung, just announced new password-free standards for regular and two-step authentication. In other words, the entire tech industry now has protocol for letting you sign into accounts without a password. Get ready for everything but typing out *****. »12/09/14 1:55pm12/09/14 1:55pm

Inside the Forensic Lab That Fights Crime and Counterfeits With DNA

What you're looking at is me, being blasted by a fog machine. It's not a prop for a rave or a haunted house; it's vapor laced with custom DNA particles that could prove I was at the scene of a crime. And it's just one way a cutting-edge security firm is using life's building blocks to detect counterfeits and bust… »9/26/14 1:26pm9/26/14 1:26pm

Internet Explorer 7 Marketshare Lagging, WGA Check Going Away

Despite the fact that IE7 ships with every copy of Vista and is a free download for every Windows XP user, the browser only has a marketshare of 20-27 percent. Contrast that with Firefox's 17% share, according to one site, and things are looking dour for Microsoft. So what do they do? No, not improve the browser. They… »10/05/07 6:40pm10/05/07 6:40pm

Dynahand Software Complicates Logins Without Adding Security

Almost every website you visit these days lets you create an account of some sort to personalize your experience. Remembering all those username/password combos can get tedious and lead to weak, reused passwords that jeopardize your security. Enter Dynahand, a new form of online authentication that requires you to… »7/03/07 8:15pm7/03/07 8:15pm

UPEK Eikon Fingerprint Reader Hands-On (It Works With Firefox!)

It's been a while since we last found a fingerprint reader we really liked. The previous champion—the lovely Cylon-red Microsoft Fingerprint Reader—was demoted to just Windows login duty (and eventually abandoned altogether) because of its lack of Firefox support. The Eikon? It supports Firefox. That's just one of the… »5/31/07 3:18pm5/31/07 3:18pm