Life-Sized Autobot Assembles in French Parking Lot, Doesn't Really Roll Out

French performance art troupe "Not So Noisy" »10/13/08 9:30pm10/13/08 9:30pm have spent the last month "assembling" giant, life-sized Autobots from normal cars, and shooting the action from overhead. Of course, they're not really building anything. They're really arranging cars (or people) in an empty parking lot so that it looks like Optimus Prime…

Homemade Optimus Prime Costume Doesn't Quite Capture the Autobot's Masterful Walk

It's long and a bit ponderous, but it's worth it when you get to the end of sister site Jalopnik's video of a guy struggling into a ten-foot tall Optimus Prime costume. Firstly, you get to see the bossman of the Autobots getting his gear on. A couple of minutes later, he's ready to move—and move he does, wreaking… »12/12/07 5:43am12/12/07 5:43am

Optimus Prime Case Mod Almost Seven Feet Tall, Eats Mac Minis

Modder John entered this Optimus Prime case mod into the Extreme Tech case mod contest, and well, it's probably the best Transformers-based case mod we've seen yet. It's six feet ten inches tall, transforms into a smaller desktop mode, has a seven-inch LCD on its body, two windows on its chest (like the actual Optimus… »8/03/07 2:00pm8/03/07 2:00pm

Transformers Beatmix Bumblebee Remixes Your Music, Dances Too

Plug Beatmix Bumblebee into your MP3 player and he'll dance to his own mix of your music library, adding beats and sound clips from the movie, for as long as his four AA batteries last. Since he plugs into portables, you'll be able to take him everywhere. Transformers get-togethers. Work. Put an upside down hat next… »7/06/07 6:20pm7/06/07 6:20pm