Your Favorite Author Can Sign Your Ebook, Without Having to SIGN Your…

This is one dilemma owners of Kindles, Nooks and iPads inevitably face: How the hell can I get my favorite author to sign that book I've got stored in my Ebook reader? Sure, you can always get him to scrawl his signature on the back of your Kindle in thick, ugly, black marker. If tacky's your style. » 4/15/11 9:00pm 4/15/11 9:00pm

Ballmer Desecrates MacBook Pro

I thought this Ballmer's autograph on a Macbook Pro was fake, but according to this video of the big man scribbling it, it's not. Somewhere in a dark place, Jon Ive is bracing himself and sobbing. With a British accent. » 1/22/10 12:40pm 1/22/10 12:40pm

Bill Gates Autographed Vista Editions On Sale At Best Buy

It's true. Best Buy has autographed versions of Billy G's Limited Edition Vista Ultimate editions for $259; advertised in your local flyer for Vista's launch on Tuesday. It's only the upgrade edition (darn), and you're paying $10 over the regular price. » 1/26/07 8:20pm 1/26/07 8:20pm